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Make Use of These Connecting Words and Phrase All Writers Apply

Make Use of These Connecting Words and Phrase All Writers Apply Here is a list of words and phrases that are used to connect the sentences, the ideas and thoughts in any type of essays. Although, to many students, a writing assignment may seem like a very cruel form of torture, writing, in reality, can serve as a very useful tool in developing one’s critical thinking skills, and can help build one’s expertise in using their language. Also, writing enhances one’s ability to communicate effectively, which is a critical and much-needed skill in the workplace. It is a skill that will, to put it bluntly, help people get what they want in life and in their career.  For example, the effective communicator accesses the job interview and lands a good job over the person who isn’t an effective communicator. The same applies to educational writing. When it comes to written communication (especially when writing the major essay types: argumentative essay, or persuasive essay, cause and effect essay, compare and contrast essay or  expository essay), the better the student conveys a point, makes a solid argument, and presents a well-detailed treatise on a certain subject, the more likely they will obtain a high grade on the writing assignment. This is usually accomplished through the use of connection words and phrases. Regardless of the kind of an essay, a student is assigned to write, a working knowledge of connection words and phrases (as well as how to correctly incorporate them into a written assignment) is always advantageous. These can help support a claim, make an argument, help to defend one’s reasoning and especially illustrate cause and effect; they help provide a thorough explanation and can certainly persuade the reader to believe or agree with an argument. Connection/connecting or linking verbs and phrases can illustrate objection or a rebuttal of something (with words like however, but, and on the contrary); they can provide an illustration (for example, for instance), can incorporate transitional phrases for enumeration (first, secondly, next, finally, lastly), and can demonstrate consequence (therefore, consequently, as a result). List of Connecting Words and Phrases Before looking through the list of connecting words and phrases, you may read another article on the similar topic: The Importance of the Transition Words and Phrases Some of these phrases and words begin a sentence, while others are used to connect two separate thoughts – either with the use of a semicolon or well-placed comma, and are therefore inserted in the middle of a sentence. The purpose Connecting words and phrases Example To indicate a contrast in comparison; however; on the contrary; rather; alternatively; however; though; nevertheless; notwithstanding; in spite of this; although; similarly; conversely Writing well is a product of hard work, education, and extensive reading; however, some people are natural-born storytellers. To provide an illustration for example; that is to say; in other words; namely; such as; including; chiefly; mainly; most importantly Prohibition was a terrible, dreadful failure, mainly because it did nothing but make a lot of criminals – namely bootleggers – filthy rich. To extend a point similarly; equally; likewise, furthermore; also; indeed; above all; as well; in addition It has been said that writer Ernest Hemingway had no other interests beyond violence, and sports; and, indeed, he published several books that confirm this observation To demonstrate cause and effect, or a conclusion between two notions therefore; thus; hence; as a result; consequently; this suggests that; in short; this implies; in all There have been recent discoveries that amoebas do not leave behind a carbon footprint; therefore it is virtually impossible to determine exactly how long they have been on Earth. Transitional, to indicate the next step first of all; next; secondly; to begin with; first and foremost; then; finally; ultimately; lastly First of all, Christopher Columbus should not be considered a hero to Americans. Secondly, Columbus was not even the first explorer to discover the Americans. To summarize overall; in sum; to sum it up; in conclusion In conclusion, this essay examined two entirely different – yet effective – methods of teaching math to fifth-graders. Connecting words and phrases are very important while writing an academic paper. If you feel you need assistance with the correct use of connecting words in your essay or you need any other help with your essay writing, contact our friendly support team.

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Advantages Of Human Resource Planning Business Essay

Advantages Of Human Resource Planning Business Essay Human resource planning is really important that without this all planning will finally end up as a mere guess work. Even if the predictions or forecast is not always successful, it is still needed because the forecasts can be quite useful which will give a basis. Upon this basis it is able to avoid ad hoc problems to an extent. Therefore human resource planning should be articulated along with the organisational planning. A dearth of particular category of employee or particular kind skills will affect the organisation in achieving its goals. Rapid changes in technology, marketing, management etc., will result in need of particular category an skilled persons. Changes within an organization in its design and structure will affect manpower demand. Demographic changes like the altering profile of the manpower in terms of age, sex, education etc. The Government policies in regard to reservation, child labour, working conditions etc. Different labour laws affecting the demand and suppl y of labour. Pressure from trade unions, politicians etc. Advantages of Human Resource Planning: Human Resources Planning (HRP) expects not just the needed quality and quantity of employees instead decide the accomplish plan for all the occasions of human resource management .The major advantages of Human resource planning are: It assures the corporate plan of the firm. The HRP elucidates doubts and alters to the upper limit potential and enables the organization to have right kind of people at right time in right place. It allows background for progress and growth of employees through training, development etc. It aids in anticipating the cost of salary increasing, improved benefits etc. It also helps to predict the cost of pay offs, incentives and all other cost of human resources which facilitates the formulation of budgets in an organization. To forecast the changes in abilities, aptitude and attitude of personnel. It results in the advancement of different origins of human reso urces to encounter the organizational goals and objectives. It also aids in taking measures to amend human resource shares in the form of enhanced output ,business turnover etc It facilities the control of all the functions, operations, contribution and cost of human resources Planning as an organisational business strategy: Planning process in a strategic way is often accomplished by networking with in and outside the organisation. The focus is therefore on strengthening the networking with the internal human resource professionals and external human resource persons which will be rooted in sharing information, technology, tools necessary for planning and development of personnel. The outcome depends on effective implementation of the developed tools and resources needed. Out of these a sustainable and feasible strategy has to be formulated. The most important thing to be noted here is that the strategy formulated should be articulated with the overall business strategy of the orga nisation. For this they will consult different human resource managers and all the line managers in the organisation. In order to ensure highest possible utilization of the tools they will work in close conjunction with the managers. This will be aimed in creating a sound personnel data base and tools for the line managers.

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Investment and Portfolio Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Investment and Portfolio Analysis - Essay Example There was automotive gross cash at June 30, 2007 of $37.4 billion. Ford Motor Company sales and revenue over the last three years has fluctuated tremendously, 2005 was 176.8 billion, 160.1 billion and for the year of 2006 and 172.5 billion for 2007. The current return on investment is -10.4 as of 2007. ( White, 2007). Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. (Reilly & Brown). It relates to saving or deferring consumption. Investment is involved in many areas of the economy, such as business management and finance no matter for households, firms, or governments. An investment involves the choice by an individual or an organization such as a pension fund. After some analysis or thought, to place or lend money in a vehicle, instrument or asset, such as property, commodity, stock, bond, financial derivatives (e.g. futures or options), or the foreign asset denominated in foreign currency, that has certain level of risk and provides the possibility of generating returns over a period of time. Investment comes with the risk of the loss of the principal sum. (Myles, 2003) The investment that has not been thoroughly analyzed can be highly risky with respect to the investment owner because the possibility of losing money is not within the owners control. The difference between speculation and investment can be subtle. It depends on the investment owners mind whether the purpose is for lending the resource to someone else for economic purpose or not. Through Investment analysis, an investor is in a good position to understand the trend of performance and the likelihood of getting suitable returns at the end of the investment period. Investment analysis is important to any sound portfolio-management strategy. At most, times, investors find it difficult to carry out

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Enterprise Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Enterprise Development - Essay Example No it is not! It is also not possible for a gambler to gain consistently over a large period of time. Even the best of gamblers lose money consistently which proves that the role of chance is quite significant in gambling. This is not the case in entrepreneurship because there are many examples where entrepreneurs have earn large returns over a long period of time. Entrepreneurs and gamblers are different in the way that gamblers leave many things to chance whereas entrepreneurs do not (Wee, Lim, & Lee, 1994).There is no doubt that the role of chance in the success of an entrepreneur is also not negligible but this is nowhere similar to chance taken by gamblers. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckeberg etc all started their business as entrepreneurs but today they are known to the whole world. This cannot be said for any known gambler of the world. Entrepreneurship is not gambling because there are many controllable factors in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs have a lot of control in how they manage their business and risk which is why entrepreneurship is not equal to gambling. Entrepreneurship is much more than gambling as it involves studying markets and taking calculated risks in hope of yielding high returns. One can easily gauge customer demand and using sampling and other procedures to do a trail run in order to test a particular product or service. Measures like these can be taken to cut down the risk and decrease uncertainty of any business. This is why gambling cannot be equated to entrepreneurship. There are many factors that play a role in the success of entrepreneurs like innovation, strong will, and farsightedness. All these factors decide whether an entrepreneur will be successful in the longer run or not. This shows that the success and failure of entrepreneurial ventures is not dependent on chance but on factors like innovation. Will innovation, strong will, and farsightedness makes a gambler

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Hair Artists :: Hair Stylists Dressers Personal Narrative Papers

Hair Artists Without them we'd all be bald. You either need, know one or perhaps are one. What am I talking about you ask? Hair artists. Only a few of us can envision a design on the head of someone and successfully accomplish it. Only a few of us could possibly do it on our own heads. It's a talent no matter what, a talent that is sometimes ignored and at times not thought too highly of. I call hairstylists hair artists because they share their art of creation and imitation for many people on a daily-basis. Ever since I can remember my father, Jack, had been cutting men and women's hair. He was a locally known barber/stylist and artist. My father had paintings all on the walls of different buildings around town and had three hanging up in a hallway of my elementary school. Just like him, I could draw and sketch. I can remember being in first grade, telling my whole class I was going to be an artist like my daddy when I grew up (like my father I gained notoriety also, at my elementary school for having won poster contests, designed doors for teachers and sketches at the requests of classmates). With his lifestyle being my goal as a youngster, I'd never considered the work he performed on his customer's heads as art. He would sculpt, through cutting and styling, and design people's hair (some asked for etchings and other images in their head), but I never had a second thought that it would be something I wanted to do in the future. I didn't think this form of sculpture was an art form. Th at is to say, until my study on hairstylists. Some called me talented when they found out I'd designed the different hairstyles on my. An exact statement was, "You are just multi-talented." This was from a co-worker who only saw the different styles I wore on my hair. I'd just walked in with a different hairstyle than I'd had the previous week. I just brushed it off saying, "Its easy anybody can do it." When my boyfriend watched me braid a few people's hair he bragged about it to his family members, saying I was very "talented." I later came to the realization that styling hair was an art form that required talent. This notion came about through my study and a series of interviews I had with a few hair artists.

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Role of Youth in development of Pakistan

Youth: For me youth is the other name of energy. Any society in the world is highly recognized and identified by its youth. To have change is a society you ought to change in the youth. Young people are the ones who have the abilities to bring the change to better the world and to enhance the resources. â€Å"When the newspapers have got nothing else to talk about, they cut loose on the young. The young are always news if they are up to something that’s news, if they aren’t that news too.† â€Å"Kenneth Rexroth†About Pakistan: Pakistan is a country that is followed by bad luck right from the first day of its formation. After the death of the great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, We are not able to produce a unique leader who has the abilities to lead and direct the people in right direction. That’s the reason why there is decentralization of ideas, thoughts and response among the peoples of Pakistan. For me it is great bad luck that despite having to much resources, talent and great thinking minds, Pakistan is not yet able to registered it name the among the best develop country in the world. Youth Of Pakistan:Pakistan has the most percentage of youth among all the categories of its population. That is a great sign as it means greater chances of revolution. The history of world testifies whether there was a good or bad revolution, it was caused by young people of respective nations. â€Å"Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die† We don’t need to go far; the foundation of Pakistan itself was a great revolution. The part of Muslim youth in this historical event can never be forgotten. They gave immense sacrifices to get the freedom from two greater powers i.e. the English and the Hindus. That’s why the great Quaid-e-Azam has always put a great stress on the young people and has tried to give them the right direction. He said â€Å"Pakistan is proud of her youth particularly t he students, who are always in forefront into hour of trial and need†.Some Other Revolutions: I am using the word â€Å"Youth† and â€Å"Revolution† together again and again, because I think there is very close link between these two, or these two words have incomplete meaning without each other. When we look at the history of world, the French revolution (1789-1799) occupies a remarkable place. It was a period of radical, social and political upheaval in both French and Europeans history. In that time, the cruel French rulers were permanently collapsed by the youth and now France has a renowned place in the list of sparking nations.The American Revolution, the young Turkish revolution, the Chinese revolution and the great Iranian revolution are also some important wonders of youth. â€Å"Almost everything that is great has been done by youth† It is advisable for young people of Pakistan to go, check and identify the factors causing these great revolutions and then try to implement these rules of revolution in our own society because it is true that time is slipping from our hands. Merits And Demerits Of Pakistani Youth:God almighty has blessed this part of world with immense talent and creativity. The young people of Pakistan are not less talented and able than that any other developed country. Late Arfa Kareem, Ali Moeen Nawazish are some example of young Pakistanis who have raised the name of Pakistan in front of the world. But our demerits are certainly more than our merits. A lot of our young people are busy indulging them in useless activities, thus spoiling their future. The main reason is that there is no proper guidance. We are largely spelled by the western culture.Our own culture is lost somewhere in the western and Indian culture. Our young people find themselves happy in copying bad habits of others. A large percentage of our young people have no thought about what are their actual activities and what are they doing. The re is no similarity of behavior, thoughts and ideas of life among young people belonging to different aspects and different areas of Pakistan. Our people need to understand that: â€Å"The purpose of life should be a life of purpose.†Need Of Concentration:There is a great need to make young people concentrate to the  situation of Pakistan. We can’t afford to close our eyes like a frightened pigeon. Our country is going down. Our economic condition is very poor. Other countries are causing there affects on Pakistan. There special target is the youth we should not allow these negative forces to play with. We can’t expect the government to correct everything by just rotating a stick. It is our duty to look after our beloved country. It is a â€Å"do or die† time. Each single person of Pakistanis youth needs to understand and memorize it. â€Å"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rat her a lack of will.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Vince Lombardi†Education The Key: The first and most vital step for the youth is to educate themselves. In any area of life, no progress can be done without proper education. There is a need to provide education in each single area of Pakistan. Greater the educated person we have, greater are the chances for our progress and prosperity. Without education we are zero. There is another important factor that there should be a proper channel for education. Education shouldn’t mean only becoming a doctor or an engineer; it should teach someone how to think, how to act and how to play his role in flourishing a better society. â€Å"A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Horace Mann†Stand Against Corruption:Corruption is like rusting which causes destruction of the whole society. Corruption is the biggest problem of our country. Our greatest bad luck is that our renowned leaders are the mot corr upted people among us. Our greatest sin is that we watch everything but remains silent and don’t even think about stopping it. If the whole youth of Pakistan gathers on one platform and take oath of vanishing corruption from the country that I’m 101% sure that we will be able to remove corruption and return millions of lack money back to poor people. It is very simple in saying. In actual, it is very hard nut to crack. But history tells us that when youth was serious  in causing the change, the youth has caused the change. â€Å"The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Kurt Cobain†Have A Sharp Eye On Politics:It is considered as a wise advice to keep youth away from politics. It is true, the youth should not be involved in politics, and their priority should be the education. But for me, they need to keep themselves aware of what is going around them. What sorts of persons are governing them and whether they are serious for the country or not . Because one day, a young man has to go in political life, has to cast a vote, then he should be known to the current situation and the people, he got to follow. In a nut shell, if the young are not aware of country politics, then how can we produce leaders from them? â€Å"Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your off your goal.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Henry Fort†Identify Real Leaders:In Pakistan there is a worst scene that some typical families are always involved in politics. After the death of Quaid-e-Azam we haven’t find a leader that ought to be followed by all the people of Pakistan. We have got leaders of nationalism. Pathans follow different leaders. Bloch’s have some other one. Punjabi and Sindhi are also not sure about a true leader to follow that who will be sincere and honest with the country. The youth of Pakistan need to be nullifying these criteria. We should not cast our vote just by listening to others. We need to have proper se nse that who is sincere with us and who is not. We need to produce a unique leader from ourselves who should think for the country and should be able to develop a proper roadmap for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. â€Å"Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head.† Have One Aim:It is necessary that young people of the whole country have same plan to work on. If we want a revolution for progress, then we should avoid  decentralization of ideas. In Pakistan there should be a single notable platform for the youth to gather and collect ideas, and then choose the best ideas and apply their implementations. The youth shouldn’t be confused and demoralized by the political infrastructure of Pakistan. They should realize that it is the time to rise to the occasion and change the negative system of the country.They should be facing problems from the hidden forces which do not want youth to come forward. They will also try to distract the youth from the right path by creating confusion and misunderstandings among young people in understanding which roadmap is right for them and which is not. â€Å"Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.† We can disgrace them by having strong unity among ourselves. There is need to know for youth trust. â€Å"United we stand, divide we fall.†Take Daring Steps:To sit on a bench and watch the things going is a very easy task. But for me the meaning of youth is to take risks. These risks are ought to be taken for our beloved country Pakistan. â€Å"Success often comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid that are ever afraid of consequences†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Jawaharlal Nehru†Say no to corruption, injustice, cruelity and all other devils of society. Be at one notable platform and ask others to join it just by lightening candles by candles. The current situation of Pakistan tells that elections are near. There are new and old parties that are looking for ge tting the large percentage of youth votes. By standing united, the young people should put some terms and conditions in front of the political parties that they will vote them only if they are serious for the country. If after coming to government they change their policies they should be answerable in front of youth.For the present time, we need to forget every other thing and just think for our country that has given us a protection and freedom of mind. Now it is time to payback. Also people of other age groups need to put stress on growing up then youth for great revolution like that of France or Iran. â€Å"In case you are worried about what’s going to become of the younger generation, it’s going to grow up and start worrying about the younger  generation.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Roger Allen†They need to encourage the youth nearby them and to raise their morals high â€Å"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.â₠¬  To conclude all of what I have written above, I just want to say three words to the youth of Pakistan:- â€Å"NOW OR NEVER†

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Ethical And Professional Practices. When Thinking Of The

Ethical and Professional Practices When thinking of the justice system ethical and professional practices are greatly enforced. There is a code of conduct that criminal justice practitioners are expected to adhere to. There are many different professional and ethical standards that should be considered when discounting uniformed police officers. For example, when Ari the deli owner told the officer his payment is not necessary when the officer ordered a sandwich, the police officer would need to report this information to his superior officer. â€Å"Officers shall report any unsolicited gifts, gratuities or other items of value that they receive and shall provide a full report of the circumstances of their receipt if directed.† (Statter,†¦show more content†¦If Ray is reported by the guard he will not be eligible for parole. However, if the prison guard does not report this incident it could lead to unethical issues and compromise his employment. The prison guard can face charges since smoking in all prisons is illegal. â€Å"At least 38 of 50 state correctional departments report that they are either smoke-free or have partial smoking bans, according to a 2002 survey.† (Zor oya, 2004). Ray could see this as an opportunity if the prison guard did not report him smoking. He could try to convince him to smuggle cigarettes in for him. â€Å"Correctional Officers caught smuggling in tobacco into most county, state or federal prisons now face a minimum of 2-10 years in prison. Law makers consider tobacco trafficking inside of prison a serious crime since it generates more illegal funds than even narcotics.† (SMOKING IN PRISON - Smoking Ban in Prisons and Tobacco Trafficking, n.d). These ethical and processional standards are in place for public health for all inmates. Just because Ray smokes, the other inmates do not need to be subject to his habit. Not to mention it is a violation of the law and must be followed. If the prison guard disregards this criminal act he might fall into a pattern of disregarding other criminal acts and the whole justice system fails because he wants to look past these acts because Ray was a friend. There are different basic principles of the constitutional law a police officer, butShow MoreRelatedSystems Thinking And The Health Care System832 Words   |  4 Pages Systems thinking was developed during this SMAC by learning to identify the connections of Information tecnology and the health care system. This SMAC involved the understand of the health care system and the service they provide and how they operates. As a result, while systems thinking allows new and useful methods to improve patient safety, it comes with it its own intangible challenges that, if not documented and addressed, will both slow improvement and present new harm. This SMAC allowedRead MoreCritically Evaluate Medical Ethics And Legal Issues1263 Words   |  6 Pages It is important for medical professionals to understand the importance of the way we care for patients, it is therefore important to be knowledgeable and aware of the medical ethics and legal issues that govern good patient care. Health care professionals must make decisions based on ethical and legal issues to performance their regular duties. However, Medical ethics is not only about avoiding harm to patients. It is rather a norms, values and principles (Ethical theories 2015). Therefore normsRead MoreEthical Values in Social Work Essay example1381 Words   |  6 Pagesvalues and ethical dilemmas What are values, ethics, ethical dilemmas and a code of ethics? Values relate to principles and attitudes that provide direction to everyday living. Values also refer to beliefs or standards considered desirable by a culture, group or individual (AASW). Similar to values, but slightly different, ethics means a system of beliefs held about what constitutes moral judgement and right conduct, they are moral principles (rules, guides) (AASW). So an ethical dilemma isRead MoreI m A Good Teacher Essay934 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"intelligent† or â€Å"unintelligent† is a simple example of a mindset. People may also have a mindset related their personal or professional lives—â€Å"I’m a good teacher† or â€Å"I’m a bad parent,† for example. People can be aware or unaware of their mindsets, according to Dweck, but they can have profound effect on learning achievement, skill acquisition, personal relationships, professional success, and many other dimensions of life† (Partnership Concepts, 2013). â€Å"In a growth mindset, people believe that theirRead MorePersonal Philosophy Vs. Nursing Essay1218 Words   |  5 Pages Personal philosophy differs for everyone, but generally guides a person in their professional practice in addition to their private lives. In my personal philosophy, I largely base my nursing pathways and private life on ethical values. Although I understand that there are empirical beliefs that guide many nurses, and I am still a fresher nurse without years upon years of experience, I still hold ethics at the core. Patricia Zander addressed that there are different ways of knowing for nurses (2000)Read MoreProfessional Socialization : Professional Motivation1172 Words   |  5 PagesProfessional Socialization is defined as a process where individuals form the characteristics, attitudes and values of a particular profession (Lai PK, Pek HL). In the nursing field, professional socialization is a necessary step involving the LPN/LVN into their new RN role by assisting them with the internalization and development of their new professional identity. (Ellis Hartley. 2011) However, transitioning into this new role can be a complex and challenging multi-faced process (Boychuk DuchscherRead MoreThe Essential Qualities Of A Critical Thinker1452 Words   |  6 Pagesless. We have great capacity. But most of it is dormant; most is undeveloped. Improvement in thinking is like improvement in basketball, in ballet, or in playing the saxophone. It is unlikely to take place in the absence of a conscious com mitment to learn. As long as we take our thinking for granted, we don’t do the work required for improvement† (The critical thinking community) â€Å"Development in thinking requires a gradual process requiring plateaus of learning and just plain hard work. It is notRead MoreWhat Do You Think Advanced Practice Is And Why, Where Are You Getting This From?973 Words   |  4 Pages1. What do you think advanced practice is and why, where are you getting this from? I believe that every advance class demands more from future masters level social workers. What I mean by â€Å"more† is not just research, papers, homework, discussions, etc., which is an element of advance level, but also looking at one’s self internally. Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, biases, experiences, etc. is something Bachelors of social worker and foundational level never would be challenged on. I believeRead MoreProfessionalRoles Values Task 11662 Words   |  7 Pages Professional Roles Values- C304 Task # 1 Adrianna Wassom Western Governors University Nurses a with Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN) are known for their skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management, health promotion, and for their ability to practice across a variety of inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings. These nurses are well-prepared to meet the demands placed on todays nurse. The role of professional nursing organizations is to advocate forRead MoreEthical Ethics And Ethical Issues1311 Words   |  6 Pagesprovides readers with an in-depth analysis of ethical theories, legal and ethical issues which gives them an opportunity to practice real life ethical issues that are frequently complex and thought provoking. Readers are further implored to examine their personal, moral and ethical value systems and codes they work from in an attempt to assist them in developing an informed ethical conscience for making sound moral and ethical judgments. The author presents ethical dilemmas throughout the book which readers